Jester's Money Club Giveaways! Earn Hundreads of Dollars!

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Jester's Money Club Giveaways



How to become verified (Click Me)


If you are a verified member simply post below what you will do with the $100.00 and you will be invited to join my money club. That simple. Note: There is no wrong answer! If you want to spend your $100.00 on cheese or bags of meth that is down to you and will not impact you winning/losing.


The giveaway is randomly generated and members who have just registered will NOT be able to gain entry instantaneously due to the fact people will just make multiple accounts to increase there chance of winning & our software will take time to determine copy accounts. You may still post below to be invited to the club at a later date however.


Staff members will not be able to enter this club due to natural suspicion of fraud & so a staff only money club will be created at a later date to give everyone the chance to win some money!


George Agdgdgwngo (@Agdgdgwngo) / Twitter


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