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Jester.GG | Server Surf : Partnership Program

  • This program was made possible by Server Surf & the Jester Clan team. This page will explain how we handle your game server, add-ons, ads, donation system, branding, personal information & more.
  • This program is only available to select individuals specifically chosen by our team but we do indeed take applications on our forum for those who can show reliability and prove they will make a good partner to our community.
  • All questions you have should be answered below, however if you are uncertain about something, or you haven't found the answer to your question or feel that something should be added please to not hesitate to contact us.

What can we offer you?

  • 1. not only provides extremely unnecessarily overly powerful dedicated servers for the partnership program but we offer a range of things that other clans don't offer and things you may not of realised you needed until now! See a short list of things our partnership offers below & why you should consider working alongside our team.
  2. Completely FREE server hosting. ( No Expiry )
  3. Plenty of server slots.
  4. Extremely powerful dedicated server.
  5. DDOS protection, data breach protection & more security based softwares/hardwares we cannot mention for security reasons.
  6. Extensive amount of server memory for server add-ons powered by very fast SSD/Nvme hardware.
  7. All donations/profit earned by your server are 100% yours to take. You can now utilise this by re-investing more into your server by expanding ...or not the choice is yours.
  8. The cheapest web hosting you can possibly get that offers as much as we do for your gaming community.
  9. Ability to upgrade & expand your server with ease at a very affordable cost.
  10. Create the server your own way. Your own rules, donation perks if you decide to add donations, skins, staff team, loading screen, add-ons, whatever you want for your server is up to your own discretion.
  11. You will be given a group "Community Developer" on the Jester clan community forum and be given exclusive access to our community development server section.
  12. Absolute minimal server interference. (Ads - See below)

How is this possible?

  • Server Surf hosting was founded on the ideology that they would never be a company of greed, never be a company that can't be trusted, never be the company that isn't willing to do everything they can to help as many people as they can effectively and efficiently.
  • Server Surf will forever stand by these principles & thus they have created a way for our community & possibly yours to work together and keep there little team going and keep the community playing the games they love & cherish at a low cost.
  • We believe this partnership will appeal to most considering how beneficial it is to the player & their community. We created this list in a way that would not disrupt or negatively impact the players experience on our partners servers. We hope that you find this list appropriate and look forward to working alongside you in the future.

Terms & Conditions
  1. Advertising of the Server Surf website just once per hour in your servers chat using the automated feature.
  2. You must follow the & Server Surf Hosting steam group.
  3. You must use the Jester community clan website for your community. (You will be given your own gaming community section)
  4. If your server has a description feature e.g Rust, Surf Surf has to be mentioned as your hosting provider.
  5. AYou must provide incentives to use the Jester clan website to your players as this promotes not only your server(s) but everyone else that is on the Jester clan platform.
  6. Other hosts & servers that aren't hosted by Server Surf or affiliated are not to be advertised.


Questions & Answers


Question: Will I eventually have to start paying for my server?

Answer: No. Your server will remain free as long as you are adhering to our terms & conditions  above & your server is active & not abandoned. We will of course contact you about the servers status before any decisions are made.


Question: Will members of have administrative privileges on my server?

Answer: Members of the Jester clan could end up playing on your server as we're a group of gamers ourselves but nobody will have access to administrative privileges unless granted by yourself or your chosen staff team.


Question: Am I able to apply for more than one partnership program server?

Answer: You can apply for other servers providing you have built a reputation as a community developer & you have the staff team to look after the server.


Question: How long will it take for my server to be created?

Answer: If you have submitted a successful application your server will be created instantly & you will receive an email from our team with your control panel information, server information & everything else you might need.


Question: I already own a website can I still use it?

Answer: Yes & no. You may still use perhaps the front end of your website or the donation store etc but you must use the Jester clan community forum as your community forum.


Question: Are the partnership program details subject to change?

Answer: Yes, everything is subject to change but we see no need in changing our partnership program. There may be a minor tweak here and there going forward but nothing drastic as we believe our requests are fair and just.


Question: Will I be able to transfer my current server to Server Surf?

Answer: Yes, simply download your server files from your current host and re-upload them to your brand new Server Surf game control panel.


Question: How will I discuss my server & the requests made by Surf?

Answer: Once your application has been processed & is successful I will personally contact you for your discord information to answer anymore questions you may have & oversee that your server is adhering to the terms & conditions.


Question: How do I expand my server resources?

Answer: The owner of the server can use the discord server to make a request to the Widow Development team.

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